Heyo readers!

This time I'm writing this shortly before going to bed. After spending a few hours learning FreeBSD, and trying to setup an openVPN server, I finally have succeeded! Man, that was a bit of a pain, trying to dig up the firewall rules necessary to complete it.

So as to not lose the configurations to time, and to help other users, here is the snippet I added. Please note that you may need to check your configuration in case the interface names differ.

ext_if = "em0"

vpn_if = "tun0"

vpn_net = ""

nat on ! $vpn_if from $vpn_net to any -> ($ext_if)

A lot simpler than other various guides I had found and entered. Check out this guide ( http://cyprio.net/wtf/2014-03-21-a-simple-vpn-tunnel-with-freebsd.html ) as this is where I found it, if you are having issues.

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